The installation of a wind measurement mast is a prerequisite for any wind project. The analyzis of the recorded data allows to establish a profile of the wind speeds and directions of the project site.

Wind Oasis installs and maintains the measuring masts. It guarantees a database for a detailed study allowing the analysis of the wind farm to define the annual production of a wind farm project in Africa. Knowing and minimizing uncertainties is the key to optimizing the project.


  • Determination of the optimal layout of wind turbines for a wind farm project.



  • Determination of the optimal layout of wind turbines to optimize electricity generation

  • Making comparisons between wind turbines of different manufacturers



  • Analysis of wind resources based on wind characteristics and type of location.

  • Terrain modeling taking into account topography and roughness.

  • Determination of the positions of the wind turbines in order to make them benefit from the wind resource with a minimum of loads and turbulence by combining the tools Wasp and Wasp Engineering.

  • Calculation of expected annual gross production. Calculation of the average annual production according to the periods of unavailability of the wind turbines.


Wind Oasis offers quality service in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of solar stations.

Our industry expertise and global presence enable Wind Oasis to assist our customers at all stages of their project, anywhere in Africa, while meeting the highest international standards of quality.


Wind Oasis is a leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of solar measuring stations with a stand-alone power supply of equipment using 500 Wp photovoltaic generators for the operation of heating and fans, controlled by a data logger. Especially designed for desert and air temperatures up to 50 °.


  • Solar radiation assessment and meteorological measurements

  • Monitoring and measurement of energy production of solar installations

  • Measuring the performance of photovoltaic generators according to accumulated dust

  • Comparison of different pyranometer technologies



  • Design, engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of measuring stations

  • Choice of the place of performance

  • Design and Engineering

  • Manufacturing and supply

  • Turnkey installation and commissioning


  • Pyranometers ventilated and heated

  • pyrheliometer

  • Solar tracker

  • Anemometer and wind vane

  • Thermo-hygrometer and rain gauge


  • Technology using an Ammonite data logger

  • 230 V or autonomous power supply

  • Customization of the software

  • Averaged data over 1 min and 10 min.


  • GSM / GPRS or satellite telemetry systems

  • SCADA connection

  • Remote data download

  • Automatic alarm system

  • Data analysis

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance


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